Project Description

Doobie Nights is a brand new immersive retail experience in the world of Cannabis.
The experience begins with our love of cannabis and artistic expression. Our dispensary is adorned with sculptural installations that are unique and timeless in design. They are infused with some of the most state of the art architecturally mapped LED lighting. This combination was designed by Carey Thompson of Galactivation, who is an internationally respected artist. Brian Pinkham of Photonic Bliss developed the lighting technology incorporated into Carey’s design. To further enhance the experience, our illuminated sculptures are tastefully blended with projection mapped digital art and animation by Albertico Acosta and Virginia Barach of Tico Sighting. We also created an interactive touch screen wall allowing customers to get detailed information about the products, and gain more insight into the core values of the brands that we carry. By combining all of these elements, we will take customers on a Mystical journey and transport them into Magical realms. Different themes are designed for each day, fresh digital content is created regularly, so the experience will be unique and special every time a customer visits Doobie Nights.

Doobie Nights

3011 Santa Rosa Ave,
Santa Rosa, CA 95407