Project Description

Tico Sighting was hired by ONEDOME to projection map a painted mural at the entrance of The Unreal Garden. The mural was painted by WERC and his team, Tico Sighting came in after to add custom video to make it come to life. After the scenic elements were finalized and the real water lagoon was the final touch.

Augment Reality in ‘The Unreal Garden’ (The NoPro Review)

Step into the “bewilderness” with Onedome’s first mixed reality experience in San Francisco

Downtown San Francisco is not a place I’d generally associate with feelings of calm or wonder. A hectic array of pedestrians, cyclists, cars, and buses weave their way through a maze of skyscrapers. Shining temples of business, technology, and commercialism bely a seedy, often just out of view layer of urban decay.  READ MORE